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Foreigner Work Permit in Ukraine

Assistance in Obtaining the Foreigner Work Permit



(on your own)

400 usd


(with reason)

800 usd


(without reason)

1500 usd

Assessment of opportunities
Check existing documents
Providing templates and guidance
Warning about the cause of the failure
Support for submission to the Employment Center, the State Migration Service
Support for the receipt to the Employment Center, the State Migration Service
The document on education
Medical certificate
Certificate about an absence of criminal record
Notarized copy of the passport
Certified translations
The statement
Power of attorney
The Charter
The application for a permit
Receipt of state fee payment
A work permit
A notarized power of attorney
Warranty sheet
filling out a visa application form
entry to the embassy at the filing of documents
insurance for a foreigner (for a visa)
a copy of the statement on registration of the Fund
director for the period of obtaining a permit
legal address
change of director
Writing about the contract of employment
Control of employment of 90 days
Submission of the contract to the employment center
accounting service

To make an order


To make an order


To make an order

  • To obtain a work permit must pay the state fee in the amount of UAH 6400.
  • Authorization renewal must pay all taxes and fees for the company that a resolution was possible to renew.
  • Within 90 days from the receipt of the resolution, it is necessary to provide the contract number to the local employment center.
  • Since the registration of the LLC, you must provide information about employees hired immediately after registration, usually the Director.
  • For the renewal of the work permit and residence permit should submit the original of the last contract, but the price doesn't change.
  • Possible phased payment services LLC registration, obtaining work permit, residence permit for 1/3.
  • To obtain a residence permit you must leave the territory of Ukraine (to cross the border with another reason, visa D).
  • Minimum monthly maintenance LLC costs 5000 UAH in months (taxes, fees, wages, accountant, reports).
  • For the issue of a D visa within 5 working days, the client pays a fee for the services of the embassy, in case of refusal to issue a visa - the paid fee is not returned.
  • The consular fee is always paid: both for the standard time and for the accelerated. In case of accelerated consideration, the fee is doubled.
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The Foreigner Work Permit is an official document issued by the competent authority, which allows the alien to work in the territory of Ukraine.

The Foreigner Work Permit is obtained by the alien's employer decided to employ a foreign citizen, for which he or she should apply to the territorial Employment Center.

To obtain the Foreigner Work Permit, an alien must submit the following documents to the Employment Center:

1. from the employer:

  • notarized copies of the company's articles of incorporation and the certificate of state registration;
  • copies of certificates of Statistics Service;
  • a copy of the resolution or the minutes on the director appointment;
  • an extract from the Unified Register;
  • a certificate of the tax authority of no tax arrears;
  • a certificate from the employment center of no arrears to the center;
  • a copy of the 3-PN report;
  • the receipt of the state duty payment.


2. from a foreigner:

  • a copy of the passport with the notarized translation into the Ukrainian language;
  • a copy of the document on education (a diploma) with the notarized translation;
  • the certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine;
  • a certificate a foreign state confirming that a citizen is not serving his or her sentence or under investigation.

It should be noted that the documents issued by a foreign state (except for passports) must be apostilled.

We invite you to use our services on registration of foreign person employment.