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Residence Permit in Ukraine - Business




200 USD


Standart +
(with reason)

300 USD


(without reason)

from 500 USD

Support for submission to the State Migration Service
Work Permit
Warranty sheet
Support for the receipt to the State Migration Service
The creation of an employment contract
employment control 90 days
submission of a contract to the employment center
Power of attorney
The application for a permit
(+212 USD)
filing an application
Registration in National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations
Filing tax documents
Single Tax, ST form
cost accounting book
VAT (Value Added Tax, VAT Forms)
obtaining tax documents
getting help statistics
message to employment center about a hired employee
getting keys (digital signature keys)
concluding a contract with tax (digital signature keys)
opening a bank account
(+122 USD)
(+122 USD)
Submission of documents
obtaining tax documents
Notarized power of attorney
(+87 USD)
(+87 USD)
filling out a visa application form
entry to the embassy at the filing of documents
Insurance for a foreigner (for a visa)
(+60 USD)
(+60 USD)
Insurance for a foreigner (for foreigners)
(+145 USD)
(+145 USD)
Changing the director
(+193 USD)
(+193 USD)
Registration in Kiev / Region
(+193 USD)
(+193 USD)

To make an order


To make an order


To make an order


Minimum monthly maintenance LLC costs 5000 UAH in months (taxes, fees, wages, accountant, reports).

  • To obtain a work permit must pay the state fee in the amount of UAH 10 572.
  • Authorization renewal must pay all taxes and fees for the company that a resolution was possible to renew.
  • Within 90 days from the receipt of the resolution, it is necessary to provide the contract number to the local employment center.
  • Since the registration of the LLC, you must provide information about employees hired immediately after registration, usually the Director.
  • For the renewal of the work permit and residence permit should submit the original of the last contract, but the price doesn't change.
  • Possible phased payment services LLC registration, obtaining work permit, residence permit for 1/3.
  • To obtain a residence permit you must leave the territory of Ukraine (to cross the border with another reason, visa D).
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According to Ukrainian legislation, a foreigner or a stateless person may stay on the territory of Ukraine limited period of time: cumulative of 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry. If the non-resident needs to stay in our country longer period of time, then he must obtain temporary or permanent residence permit.