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Liquidation of a Foreign Company Representative Office in Ukraine

Assistance in Closing of the Representative Office

Reasons to choose us:
  1. Relevant experience. We liquidate representative offices constantly.
  2. Guarantees. We always get the job done.
  3. We are always here. We do not get sick, we do not go on vacation, and we do not disappear.
(record of termination)
1300 usd
(the SFS, the PFU)
1650 usd
(active liquidation)
3000 usd
(search for solutions)
from 5000 usd
10 working days
more than 1 year
up to 1 year
from 6 months
The decision on liquidation;
The decision on creation of the liquidating commission;
The act of acceptance-transfer of documents to the Chairman of the commission;
The power of attorney to liquidator;
The power of attorney to lawyers.
Publication about liquidation
The message to the Employment Center about liquidation
Receiving a letter from the regional customs for temporary imported property
Orders for dismissal
Issuance of labor books
Payroll to employees
Messages to the State Fiscal Service and the Pension Fund of Ukraine about starting of the liquidation procedure
Closing of accounts in banks except one
Submission of documents to the archive
The statement on termination of representative office as a result of its liquidation
The decision on termination
The certificate of registration of a representative office
Certificates from the State Fiscal Service, the Pension Fund of Ukraine about removal of the representative office from the register
Providing of decision for annulment of the entry in the register of representative offices in the Statistics
control over the removal of the representative office from the register
filing of complaints
calls to the hotline
visits to the tax
control of the direction by the tax office to the state registrar of information by the form 30-OPP of no debt
control over the removal of the representative office from the register
filing of complaints
calls to the hotline
visits to the Pension Fund
Destroying of documents that have expired
Fixed assets
Rules for the conduct of primary documentation
Depreciation calculation
Calculation and payment of taxes
Conformity of the generated data in the presented reporting
Checking receivables and payables
Labor books
Staff Schedule
Personal card
Drafting an interim balance sheet by the liquidation commission
Drafting the liquidation balance sheet
Order to conduct an inventory
Acts of inventory
Protocol of the liquidation commission on the approval of inventory results
Interim balance sheet
List of property of the representative office
The list of creditors' claims and the results of their consideration
Restoring/submit of reports
Restoring of reporting on the salary of the director
Restoring of primary documentation
The search for non-standard solutions








  • * the time and cost of the audit depends on the volume of document flow, reporting and the number of transactions;
  • * the price given the lack of activity for three years, one employee;
  • * the cost is indicated in the presence of all primary documentation;
  • * the cost is indicated on condition of correctly presented reporting and payment of taxes;
  • * the cost depends on the need for an audit, а documentary audit;
  • * the cost depends on annual turnover, number of transactions per month, availability of branches and subdivisions, number of employees, territorial location of subdivisions);
  • * the cost depends on the condition of the documents to be inspected, the level of automation of accounting;
  • * the price does not include translations of the documents (about 3000 UAH.);
  • * the price does not include payment of fees and charges (for example, 3000 UAH. for publication in the Governmental courier).
How we are working
Package Selection

We have tried to give at least the approximate cost of services. Each case is different, and depending on the situation, the price and terms may change.

Representative office of a foreign company may be liquidated in one of the following cases:

  • liquidation of the non-resident himself, who opened a office on the territory of Ukraine;
  • on the part of non-resident or his representative office there has been a breach of the current legislation;
  • a non-resident was made a decision about liquidation.

If a non-resident makes a decision about liquidation of the representative office on the territory of Ukraine, it is recorded in the protocol. Liquidation of foreign companies starts with the publication of the message in the printed edition.

After the publication of the notice on the liquidation of the mission, the following actions are taken:

  • prepare the documents required for the procedure of liquidation of representative office of foreign company;
  • the representation is removed from the account in tax inspection, pension and other funds, after going through unscheduled inspections;
  • the representation is excluded from the register of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the service cards of foreign employees are returned to the same place;
  • the representation is excluded by the state registrar from EDRPOU;
  • the Bank closed the accounts of the mission;
  • seals are destroyed.

All of the above steps are included in the complex of services of our company.

In Ukrainian legislation there are no clear requirements to the documents presented to the state authorities for the liquidation of a representative office of a foreign company. The competent authorities use the norms for the liquidation of domestic enterprises and organizations.

In the package of documents, that are necessary for our company to conduct the liquidation procedure, are included:

  • the decision of the non-resident to liquidate the representative office;
  • the original of charter and other founding documents;
  • the original of registration certificate in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;
  • the original of registration certificate in State Statistics Service of Ukraine;
  • the originals of notifications of registration in the pension and other funds;
  • the original of certificate of registration in tax inspection;
  • the originals of all primary financial and accounting documents;
  • the representative office’s seal.